Stop Comparing Yourself

January 10, 2018

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It’s a grey and gloomy morning here in New York, but the temperatures did finally break into to 30’s so I can’t complain too much. It was -7 just a few days ago!

It’s been gloomy a lot this winter, actually. For me, this means I like to curl up on the couch with the dog, forget the work I have to do, and browse the internet for hours at a time.

At some point – while I was seven pages deep into some beautiful girl’s travel blog – I realized how much worse I felt about myself and my own life while I compared myself to other girls and women. My hair wasn’t long enough. My life wasn’t luxurious enough. I wasn’t as engaging and the content I made wasn’t creative enough.

I had to stop and ask myself two things. First, why was I comparing myself to everyone else, and second, what was that going to do for me in the long run? 

Let’s start with number one.

I think, on at least some level, we all compare ourselves to other people. Maybe you see someone who has already met a goal you’ve been working towards, or maybe they have something you’ve always wanted. It can be so easy to take our own insecurities and convince ourselves that we are alone in struggling with them. Surely that perfectly tanned Instagram model who is always in a different country is living a far happier life than you are, right?

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The thing is, though, that we get absolutely nothing out of making these comparisons. Sure, we can look at someone and use their successes as motivation – aspiring to set similar goals or finding role models in others. But, it is a complete waste of time to pick out all of the things that someone else has that you don’t. When you’re doing that, you aren’t working towards your own aspirations or creating something unique. I can say from personal experience that this makes me less productive and creative. I feel defeated before I have even attempted anything at all.

The world (and the internet) is full of so much of the same thing, and that has a lot to do with everybody wanting to mimic everybody else. So, be different. Be you. Focus on the things you love about yourself and you’ll find others who love those things about you, too. And remember, nobody is as happy and picture-perfect as they appear on Instagram.

I mean it. Nobody.

Go out into the world, get some fresh air, do what you love, and focus on the bigger picture. Your time will certainly be more well-spent.


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