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May 21, 2018




Back when I started this blog, it was nothing more than a passion project. A few book reviews, some creative writing, and personal blog posts all written quickly after homework was done and shot with an old camera.

As graduation approached, things started falling into place here. I got my first sponsored post, my audience grew, and Megan got me a beautiful camera as a graduation gift. It began to really feel like this little hobby of mine could become a great career path.

Then, things slowed down. As I played around with photography, tried to find the perfect niche, and stressed over the quality of my writing, the posts slowed down. I had more free time than ever, but I needed help to make the blog something special. I began relying pretty heavily on my incredibly supportive girlfriend, Meg, and that’s when – at least on our end – the magic started happening.

While the blog has been slow lately, Meg and I have been working hard to get ahead on a solid posting schedule, investing in photo and video editing software, and working on all of the exciting ideas we are looking forward to bringing to this platform.

Meg’s ideas have been creative and inspiring, and I’m excited that we get to share them with you as we move forward. As this blog grew from an individual’s hobby into a collaborative team effort, it didn’t make sense to still be using just my name. This is something we share a passion for and something that works best when we do it together.



So, we are happy to welcome you to Life Lived Vegan – a vegan lifestyle blog where we will create delicious vegan recipes, share our individual weight loss and health journeys, and lead by example when it comes to compassionate and adventurous living.

Meg and I are so excited about this blog’s potential and to grow our little community of kind and like-minded people you. This week, we finally start launching the content we have been working so hard on. We hope that you love reading and watching it as much as we have loved creating it for you.

Here on the blog, you can expect new posts to go up every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 3 PM. Additionally, we’ll be sharing videos over on YouTube every Tuesday and Thursday.

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey with us.


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