May 2018 Weight Loss Update

May 30, 2018




After about a million failed dieting attempts and months (years) of “starting over,” we have finally settled into a healthy routine that we love and that is working for us.

Although we decided to start eating better and trying to lose the weight at the beginning of the year, it wasn’t really until the past two months that we really hit our stride. Now that the weight is falling off consistently and easily, we want to start sharing our progress with all of you.

Because this is our first official Weight Loss Update, you’ll be seeing the weight we’ve lost total since January. Moving forward, the weight loss updates will happen monthly.

We started this journey thinking that we would never post before and after photos, but this blog is about being open and honest with people like you who may be on a similar journey.

So, here goes nothing.


Meg’s May 2018 Weight Loss

Starting Weight – Jan 2018: 170 lbs

Current Weight: 142 lbs

Total Lost: 28 lbs


(Meg didn’t have any before pictures from other sides)


Stacy’s May 2018 Weight Loss

Starting Weight – Jan 2018: 232 lbs

Current Weight: 213 lbs

Total Lost: 19 lbs






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